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Ron embarked on his real estate journey in New Zealand 16 years ago, and fatefully traversed the vast landscapes of Australia with his wife, Aree. Their nomadic exploration led them to the enchanting tourist haven of Kalbarri, where the allure of Ray White Kalbarri, available for purchase, captivated them. With Ron's extensive background in real estate and Aree's proficiency in accounting, the decision to acquire the business became an obvious choice.

In January 2020, Ron obtained his WA real estate license (RR78449), marking the initiation of their entrepreneurial venture. The ensuing years brought forth a tapestry of challenges and triumphs for Ron and his team. From the abrupt halt of tourist influx due to COVID in April 2020, posing a significant setback, to a remarkable surge in property sales post-pandemic. The rollercoaster continued with Cyclone Seroja devastating Kalbarri in April 2021, leading to a prolonged town shutdown.

The aftermath presented Ron with an immense challenge: navigating the aftermath, managing emotions among staff, clients, owners, guests, and tenants, all while grappling with prolonged power and communication outages. Over 18 months later, he still liaises with builders and insurance companies, steering the recovery process.

Undeterred by adversity, Ron achieved a significant milestone in August 2021 by completing his Diploma of Property Services - Agency Management. In 2022, he ascended to the role of Licensee, reinforcing his commitment to excellence.

With over 158 sales within the first year and a half, Ron's experience and knowledge of the Kalbarri market have flourished alongside his deep affection for the town. His skill set extends across Strata Management to Commercial sales, complemented by the invaluable partnership with Loni Visser, his trusted collaborator. Together, they ensure a comprehensive approach to navigating the dynamic real estate landscape. In the face of an ever-changing world, Ron stands strong, a testament to resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to the Kalbarri community.


● 2023 - REIWA - $6 Million Dollar Club

● 2021/2022 - Premier Performer

● 2022 - REIWA - Master Sales Person

● 2020/2021 - Premier Performer

● 2021 - REIWA - $8 Million Dollar Club

● REIWA - Sept 2021 - Top Unassisted Salesperson by Listing Sold


  • 2022/2023 - Premier Performer
  • 2021/2022 - Elite Performer
  • 2020/2021 - Premier Performer
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