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Raelene Leatham

P.A. to Loni Visser

Raelene brings a wealth of diverse experience to the table, having ventured into various professional fields throughout her career. In her later years, she dedicated herself to academic pursuits, earning a Bachelor of Communications – Interactive Multimedia. Raelene's journey included teaching IT at Edith Cowan University and serving as an Executive Assistant for CREATEC, a renowned research center affiliated with the university.

In 2016, a new chapter unfolded as Raelene and her husband embraced entrepreneurship, acquiring Murchison Boat Hire in Kalbarri. Their relocation marked a dynamic shift, with Raelene balancing part-time roles while her husband managed his welding business. The challenges posed by COVID prompted a move to Dampier with their boat hire business, and the aftermath of Cyclone Seroja further shaped their resilience.

Now firmly rooted back in Kalbarri, Raelene has joined the Ray White Kalbarri team, leveraging her skills to contribute to the Sales, Permanent Rentals and Holiday Teams. Her passion extends to promoting the vibrant essence of 'Ray White Kalbarri' across various social media platforms. Raelene's diverse background and adaptability make her a valuable asset, ensuring a fresh perspective in the dynamic world of real estate.