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Deb Goddard

Holiday Property Manager

Meet Deb, a seasoned expert in the realm of Holiday Property Management, bringing a wealth of experience that spans over 7 years within our office. Deb firmly believes in the uniqueness of each client, recognizing that diversity defines both the clientele and the dynamic nature of each day in the Holiday Property Management Division.

At the forefront of overseeing the daily operations of more than 100 holiday properties, Deb navigates her role with exceptional skill and dedication, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. Her profound knowledge and extensive experience in Property Management, coupled with her adept communication skills with both colleagues and clients, position her as an indispensable asset to both Ray White Kalbarri and Kalbarri Accommodation Services.

Deb's journey is accompanied by her trusted ally, Tracey, who brings a wealth of knowledge about the Kalbarri tourist sector. Together, their collaborative efforts enhance the team's understanding of the local market, providing clients with a comprehensive and insightful perspective.

Outside the realm of property management, Deb redirects her boundless energy towards her family, a role she cherishes as a proud Nanna, and her circle of friends. Her commitment to excellence in both her professional and personal life reflects the ethos of dedication and reliability that defines her character.